The most popular Canadian politicians


Canadian politicians have a great impact and a huge mark on the Canadian history because of their contribution in development of Canada.

We are going to mention a list of them who really affected the Canadian history because they had worked hard to cherish their citizens.

William Lyon king: one of the most famous Canadian politicians

William Lyon was a Canadian politician and statesman. He is the tenth prime minister in Canada, so he served this position for three non-consecutive terms with a total of over 21 years.

Thus, he was a prime minister for the longest period of time in Canada. He played an essential role in establishing public welfare in Canada.

Lyon was born in Kitchener in Ontario on 17 December 1874 and died on 22 July 1950.

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Stephen Harper: another famous politician in Canada

Stephen Harper was the prime minister of Canada from 2006 to 2015.

He was born on 30 April in Leaside, Toronto, Canada. Moreover, he was considered as an important political and economic figure at the same time.

He got the Companion of Honor in 2019 as an appreciation for serving his nation and for his special profession in the political life in Canada.

Canadian politicians

Jagmeet Singh is a famous politician in Canada

Jagmeet Singh has been a Canadian politician and lawyer since 2017.

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He served as the leader of the new democratic party in Canada.

Moreover, he inspired many other Canadian politicians because he is the first member of a minority group and leads a special federal party in Canada.

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He was born in 1979 on 2 January in Scarron, Toronto, Canada.

Canadian politicians

Chrystia Freeland is on of the most famous Canadian politicians

Chrystia is called as the minister of everything and she is the tenth deputy of the Canadian prime minister and also the minister of finance as well.

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She is the first woman that serves as a minister in Canada. In addition, she wrote a well-known book.

Chrystia was born in Pace, River on 2 August in 1968.

Pierre Trudeau is on of the most famous Canadian politicians

Pierre Trudeau is a Canadian politician who served as the fifteenth prime minister in Canada, so that his character was popular in the Canadian social media because he contributed so much to the Canadian nationality.

Trudeau was born in Montreal on 18 October 1919, and he died on 28 September 2000.

Canadian politicians

Louis Riel is one of Canada’s most famous leaders

Louis Riel is a Canadian politician who established Manitoba province.

Moreover, he served as the political leader of the Metes in the western and northern territories in Manitoba.

The minorities in Canada consider Louis as an important popular hero in Canada as he fights for their rights.

Louis was born on 22 October 1844 in Red River in Colony, and died in 16 November 1885.

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Brian Mulroney is a famous political figure in Canada

Brian Mulroney is a Canadian politician who served as the nineteenth prime minister in Canada.

He did many economic reforms such as building many national parks. He was born in Bay Como in Quebec on 22 March 1939.

  The most famous Canadian Political Figures
What is the nickname of Canada?

It is known as Great White North.

Who is the main person in power in Canada?

The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.