Elon Mask’s claims about Neuralink project


Neuralink project is one of the most important projects in the world that’s presented by Neuralink company.

And in this article we’re talking about Elon Mask Neuralink project. As its company presented a show about the brain-computer tech.

Neuralink project

Neuralink company created a wireless coin-sized machine.

As the chief executive of Tesla company brought three pigs, and one of them showed neural signals to the audience. Mask called this pig “Jertrod”.

In fact, Mask declared that Jertrod has undergone an implant two months ago.

And the company, which was founded and funded by Mask in 2016, stated that it was designing threads ten times more elastic than human hair in order to treat the brain problems.

They also aimed at making a coexistence between human beings and artificial intelligence.

Moreover, this design was tried on more than 19 animals using robots. And the rate of success was about 87%.

The most important information about Neuralink company

Mask described this project as: A fitbit device connected with small wires in the skull. With the ability to link this device to a smart phone application through low-power Bluetooth.

As Mask said in 2019 that he hopes to make an implant operation to a patient by the end of 2020. He had many promising claims about the abilities of this technology.

Mask’s claims about Neuralink project

لوحة اعلانية

He believes that replacing any part of the skull with a tiny segment can bring back the limb’s functions, improve movement. Also it can solve some problems related to sight and hearing.

In addition, this helps to recover from some diseases such as Parkinson.

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Also during his presentation, Mask explained different situations on which the new project is based, such as paralysis, the loss of memory and blindness.

He pointed that these operations need general anesthesia. And he hopes that a robot can do the operation completely in one hour.

Furthermore, Mask claims that people who get Neuralink project will have a small scar after inserting electrodes in neural cells.

It is expected that if the operation is done well, there won’t be any bleeding.

لوحة اعلانية

Mask says that “the main aim is to convince people to work in Neuralink and help us in achieving the product and making it suitable and accessible to any one

Neuralink project

The aims of Neuralink project

  • Coexistence between human beings and artificial intelligence together, through connecting electrodes to all parts of the brain and reading all the neural signs.
  • Collecting data through these signals to instruct Neuralink program how the brain uses these signals to contact the rest of the organs, so that getting good guidelines.
  • Add to that, Mask’s group initially concentrates on the people most need this technology, specifically those who suffer from paralysis.

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What is Neuralink segment?

A coin-sized segments that are placed in the brain to allow controlling complex electronic devices.

What is the aim of this project?

To help paralyzed people to move again, and to treat sight problems and other brain dysfunctions.

What is the salary of Elon Musk per month?

Through using his stocks in Tesla company, In 2018, he got income of about 23.5 billion dollars.