The requirements of studying PhD in Canada


Studying PhD in Canada has many conditions. So, have you ever thought of studying at one of the Canadian universities? Let’s know more about this topic.

Canada is the best destination for students who aspire to high studies.

This is because it contains the best colleges around the world.

At first, there are many things you have to know: the cost, the admission rates and the fact that Canadian PhD is internationally recognized.

The requirements of studying PhD in Canada

Studying conditions vary from one university to another. Here are the conditions of studying at universities in Canada:

A Master certification from an accredited university.

A proof of mastering English or French. However, choosing the language depends on what you want to study.

This is required from the students whose native language is not English or French.

Good grades in high studies test or in graduation test. Students who got a high-degree bachelor are given some exceptions, and they can immediately start studying PhD.

On the other hand, there are students who have high levels of intelligence in research which was known through the academic researches they have submitted.

PhD in Canada

How many years should students spend to have a PhD certification?

Typically, the period of studying PHD is mostly from 4 to 6 years. Many PhD programs at Canadian universities are famous for advanced scientific researches.

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What is the required graduation rate to study a PhD in Canada?

Canada is famous for offering opportunities to study PhD.

However, the admission conditions are somehow difficult. As students who are applying for a PhD program need to submit a Masters Degree with an accumulated rate which is at least 3 out of 4.

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In other words, the rate of the bachelor degree should be more than 75%. Also students apply their admission test degrees such as MA admission test (GMAT) and graduation test (GRT).

PhD in Canada
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How much does PhD cost in Canada?

The conditions of studying PhD for international students are somehow different from those for local students.

Because all the international students want to study PhD at Canadian universities, they have to pay the fees of every year.

The international student’s payment is two times more the Canadian students. nevertheless, both of them have the same services.


The cost of studying at Canadian universities

The studying fees vary from one university to another.

For example, the expense of study at Manitoba university is 10.106 dollars. This payment is defined for the first and second years only.

The cost of study at Colombia university in Canada is 7600 dollars.

Students can be fully informed about the costs and details that may increase or decrease through sending a message to the university email.

To conclude, we can say that we presented a good idea of studying PhD in Canada.

PhD in Canada