Latest Good news for Canadians


Latest Good news for Canadians across the country especially for roughly 11 Canadians. Our legislation to double the GST Tax Credit for six months has received Royal Assent. Here’s what that means

Before you read about the latest good news for Canadians, read some information about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Justin Trudeau

In this paragraph, we will write some information about the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Firstly, Trudeau was born on December 25, 1971. Secondly, He is Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister. As Prime Minister, Justin leads a government that works hard to continue moving Canada forward. His team is focused on many things and subjects.
some of those are:

  • fighting climate change
  • creating good middle class jobs
  • making life more affordable
  • keeping Canada’s communities safe
  • moving forward on reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

Thirdly, and most importantly, Justin was elected Leader of the Liberal Party in April 2013.

On the 19th of October 2015, he led his party to victory, winning a majority government.

In conclusion, On October 21, 2019, he led the Liberal Party to re-election, earning a second mandate.

Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau

The Latest Good news for Canadians

  • Today, Bill C-30, the Cost-of-Living Relief Act, No. 1 (Targeted Tax Relief), doubling the Goods and Services Tax Credit for six months to help make life more affordable for millions of Canadians.
  • Eligible Canadians, who already receive the GST Credit, will automatically receive their payments starting in early November.
  • Canadians without children will receive up to an extra $234.
  • couples with two children will receive up to an extra $467 this year.
  • Seniors will receive an extra $225 on average.
  • Bill C-30 is the first of two pieces of legislation introduced this fall to support Canadians with the rising cost of living without adding fuel to the fire of inflation.
  • Bill C-31, the Cost-of-Living Relief Act, No. 2 (Targeted Support for Households) would enact two further affordability measures: the Canada Dental Benefit and a one-time top-up to the Canada Housing Benefit.
  • In addition to Bill C-30 and Bill C-31, the government’s Affordability Plan is already delivering targeted and fiscally responsible financial support to the Canadians . They need it most, with particular emphasis on addressing the needs of low-income Canadians who are most exposed to inflation.
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With the Royal Assent of Bill C-30, our government is delivering on our promise to support Canadians who are most affected by inflation.
By doubling the GST Credit for six months
we’re ensuring our support is compassionate, targeted, and fiscally responsible, while not adding fuel to the fire of inflation.
And this support is coming right when it is needed—eligible Canadians will receive their payments starting in early November.”

The Honorable Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

GOOD NEWS – PM Justin Trudeau & Christya Freeland Annoucement Live From Parliament #Canada #GST

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