The Best Water Companies In Canada


In the list of the best water companies in Canada, we are going to highlight the companies specialized in treating multi-function water that is used whether in housework or industry.

And although water is so clean, many companies are working on retreating water. It is worth mentioning that Canada is ranked as the third Country in the world in the fresh water resources.

A list of the best water companies in Canada

In our list, we will briefly mention the best storing and treating water companies:

Canadian Springs Company

Canadian Spring company offers the service of water delivering to your home. It is one of the most common companies in Canada that always has tempting offers for clients.

It was established in 1987. Add to that, the main company of this newly-established company is called Aquaterra Corporation which dates back to 1882.

Water companies in Canada – Whistler Water Company

It is considered one of the most common supplying water companies in Canada. Its logo is “A mountain in every bottle since 1991“.

In fact, the source of supplying water in this company is the springs of the British Colombia province, especially in Whistler region for which the company has its name.

The company that has been working for three centuries declares that: “its water is icy and 100% clean with a normal PH and a high-quality observing system”.

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Great Canadian Water Company

Great Canadian Water Company treats, supplies and stores water at the same time.

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One of the company services is to copy covers with the names of the trademarks of the members and other companies on them.

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For those who are interested in this service, they can contact the company through their email (

water companies in Canada

Jackson Springs Water Corporation Company

Its source of water is from Manitoba. The company was established in 2004, and achieved a great success during the last few years, especially in Manitoba.

In addition, this company won the golden medal of the best water taste in the world.

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Water companies in Canada – Aquatech Canadian Water Services

This company has been working for more than 40 years in operating and maintaining water treatment plants. Add to that it treats the sewerage and wastewater.

Since its establishment, the company offered many services for companies and individual from one coast to another since 1981.

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water companies in Canada

Information about the Canadian water

We are going to mention some information about the Canadian water as follows:

  • Water is overused in Canada in comparison to Europe due to the imposed taxes on using water.
  • In Canada, there are water trademarks that costs more than 4 dollars for a bottle of water such as “10thousandbc” bottles, because of their high quality around the whole world.
  • Water is delivered to all around Canada, but the indoor plumbing only serves 75% of the Canadians and it is provided by the municipality.
  • According to statistics, the local consumption of water in Canada is 52%, while the commercial consumption is 16% of the total consumption. The left proportion goes to the leaking losses.
  • In 2021, the Canadian government pledged to pay 6 Canadian Billions to fund the infrastructure of water treatment in the native Canadians habitats. Add to that, it was committed to pay 1,5 billion as a compensation for the natives.
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