Best Canadian Products To Export


It’s obvious that Canada economy depends on best Canadian products to export. And as Canada occupies the highest exports of 2022, Canada also ranks 13th on the list of the largest exporter and importer countries.

Add to that, Canada is constantly striving for further progress and expansion with neighbor countries. So in this article we are talking about the best products to work on in the Canadian market.

Best Canadian products to export

The most important Canadian products which affects the import and export movement abounds can be identified, including the following goods:

  • Crude oil exports a cost of approximately $68 billion and car exports value $41 billion.
  • Gold is exported for $15 billion.
  • On the other hand, refined oil is exported for $12 billion.
  • Car parts are also exported for $11 billion.
  • The statistics for gas exports are $9 billion.
  • Medications and drugs are exported for up to $7 million.
  • Aircraft and spacecraft worth $7 billion are exported.
  • On the other hand, wood worth $6 billion is exported.
Best Canadian Products To Export

Countries importing Canadian products

There are a lot of Arab and Asian countries that depend on Canadian products. And Canada’s export ratio to these countries is high, for example:

  • The United States imports about 75.4% of Canada’s total exports.
  • China also imports about 3.9% of Canada’s total exports.
  • Besides, the United Kingdom imports about 3.3% of total exports.
  • Japan also imports about 2.1% of Canada’s total exports.
  • On the other hand, Mexico imports about 1.2% from Canada.

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The needed documents to export the best Canadian products

For exporting Canadian products, There are some documents that the Canadian Government requires, and the most important documents are:

  • A license is required if the export value exceeded 2,000 CAD, or if the products are exported to countries other than the United States or Puerto Rico.
  • Along with a final tax return permitting that allows to export any product to other countries, with a document of receipt from the importing country.
  • In addition to a customs clearance certificate, which is an expression of a commercial invoice distributed between the customer and the exporter.
  • Documents must also be obtained from the importing country with the approval to import materials exported from Canada.
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The process of exporting from Canada to any other country

Many countries relies on Canada’s most important products, as they are an important part of the economy. These measures are:

  • At the beginning, the task number must be obtained.
  • After that, they prepare the list of products to be exported.
  • They make sure that the goods are confirmed to be exported from Canada.
  • But if the goods are restricted, they must provide the export statement to the Canadian Border Agency.
  • They ensure that the goods to be exported enter the importing country, by communicating with the importer and confirming the goods from the local government.
  • Finally, they check the products and documents before exporting, this is to ensure that the export requirements are all done.

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At the end, we learned about the most important products and official documents until the export process is completed.

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