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The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a 9-digit number. You need it to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits. A SIN is issued to one person only and it cannot legally be used by anyone else. You are responsible for protecting your SIN.

You birth certificate shows your date of birth, ancestry and place of birth. As well as your legal name, and your driver’s license proves that you can legally operate your vehicle. Another essential document is the Canadian Social Insurance Number. It is essential for getting a job and proving your identity.

The different aspects of a Canadian Social Insurance Number

Canadian social insurance number:
In 1964 the Canadian social insurance number was created as a client account number. That was to administer the Canada pension plan and other social assistance programs. Years later, the Canada Revenue Authority began using the Social Security Number for tax reporting. A Social Security Number is issued to all individuals in Canada.

It’s a unique nine-digit code that’s necessary for everything from getting to work to filing your taxes. It’s issued by Service Canada, which serves citizens and permanent or temporary residents.
It is a permanent identifier for you at the intersection of commerce and government. And as of 2013 it is a legal obligation for workers to provide their employers with their Social Security Number.

A year later, Service Canada stopped using plastic cards, opting instead for a confirmation letter showing the nine- digit code.

Meaning of Social insurance number

Your Social Security number holds an astonishing amount of information about your origins. The first number depends on your country and whether you immigrated or were at a temporary worker.
All numbers except eight and zero are used. So, if you see these numbers at the beginning of your Social Security number, it is valid.

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Who qualifies for a Social Security Number

Your Social Security number shows that you are legally eligible to work and receive other social programs offered by the Canadian government. To qualify for a Social Security Number, you must meet certain criteria.

The categories of individuals eligible to apply for a Social Security Number include:

  • Canadian citizens:
    Children over 12 can apply on their own, although parents and guardians can apply on behalf of the individuals in their care.
  • Permanent residents:
    To apply, you must provide proof of your address and legal presence in Canada with supporting documents to prove your identity.
  • Some temporary residents:
    The temporary worker will have access to their Social Security number starting with the number nine. It also includes an expiration date that matches the immigration document to enable them to work in that country.
  • Certain asylum seekers:
    Working refugees must apply for a Social Security number. As with temporary residents it comes with an expiration date that matches the date of your work permit.
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When do you need a Social Security number?

Social Security numbers are personal. Besides, they should be carefully protected. However, there are certain situations. For instance, you do not need to show your Social Security number during the application process. You must provide it when you are hired. This is to be legally hired you. Your Social Security number appears at the top. That is when you complete your provincial and federal tax forms. It is used to track your earnings and taxes owed. When you file your income tax return. Each year at tax time, you must use your Social Security number to complete registration.

In addition, if you are opening an account, you must provide your Social Security number. That is whether at a credit union or a large bank. In order to access everything from employment insurance to child tax benefits, you must provide you Social Security.

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To conclusion, our Social Security number is a piece of personally identifiable information. It is at the crossroads of government and the economy. The system is also so widespread. It is very difficult to get the full advantage of living in Canada without one. Thus, we have answered in this article on some frequently questions posed by people. Some of them were:
Do I need a social insurance number to work in Canada? /What do you need to know about a social insurance number? and What is a Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

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