Farm working in Canada


Farm working is a good job for those who aspire to immigrate and live a good life in Canada.

In this article, we are going to mention some information to answer the questions about salaries and life there.

The Immigration of farm workers to Canada

People can travel to Canada to work in farms as the public farm working is listed in non-objection certificates under the code 8431, also they can move to Canada upon the increasing demand for workers.

Each profession in Canada has a code listed in NOC Canadian list.

The code assigned for farm workers is 8431, known as NOC code which is associated in agriculture, cattle raising, harvest, poultry, fixing and maintaining agricultural and building machines.

Many farm workers are employed in public farms under multiple names adopted by farm working law.

There are multiple job titles such as:

  • Beekeepers.
  • Agriculture.
  • Machine operator.
  • Hanger.
  • Bee farm worker.
  • Cow cattle’s farm worker.
  • Chicken keeping.
  • Chicken hunter.
  • Cow hand.
  • Farm hand.
  • Harvest stuff.
  • Egg preparation machine operator.
  • Diary farm worker.
  • Egg classification.
  • Egg collector.
  • Equipment operator.
  • Machine operator.
Farm working in Canada

Farm working responsibilities in Canada

There are a lot of duties that they have to do, which are:

  • Cultivating fertilizer, spray irrigation and harvest.
  • Cattle raising and poultry.
  • Cow milking.
  • Helping in animals raising in the farm.
  • Operating and maintaining equipment and machine.
  • Keeping the safety of animals’ nutrition.
  • Revealing the diseases and health problems of cattle and chicken.
  • Checking the quality of the productions.
  • Controlling and observing air condition and temperature of the water in the farms and chicken coops.
  • Maintain the infrastructure of the farm like cleaning stables and barns.
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Farm working in Canada
لوحة اعلانية

The features of being a farm worker in Canada

The permanent habitats in Canada as workers have many features with their families:

  • You can live, also get in and out of Canada without restrictions.
  • You can study in Canada.
  • Healthcare is available for you and your family.
  • Getting social benefits.
  • Furthermore you can apply to have the Canadian nationality after four years.
  • Your rights and freedom are reserved according to the Canadian law.

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Farm job salaries in Canada

The salaries are more than 69 thousand dollars for starters. It increases according to the experience and it may reach to 94 thousand dollars annually.

لوحة اعلانية

The salaries of the Arab immigrants, especially those who work in fruit collecting, are about 1500 dollar minimum. This may differ from one company to another.

CIC attracts the best candidates in Express Entry and they are invited to apply depending on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points that they got.

The optimal classification degree is 1200. The job opportunity which is classified in Canada or candidate province certification deserve 1600 points.

Some people are wondering whether they have to record 449 points for speedy registration. It is a good chance to travel to Canada without job offers or candidates.

Farm working in Canada

Immigration to Canada as a farm worker in Express Entry

You have to follow many steps to be a farm worker in Canada.

First, you should make Express Entry profile. This is the place where you can seriously start. In addition you need to make the best profile to fulfill the requirements which are given by the CRS.

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Farm workers should register in Express Entry and wait till being asked to apply (ITA) from Immigration.

Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Whenever you get ITA, you can apply to get PR in Canada.

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