List of projects in Canada


The newcomer to Canada should look for work because Canada is a country that respects everyone who works, so we will give you some tips on the best list of successful projects in Canada that will help you to start your own business.

Professional Cleaning Company

List of Successful projects in Canada
List of Successful projects in Canada

A professional cleaning company, owned and operated by experienced professionals in the cleaning industry, may be a great project in Canada especially if you produce a vast knowledge of the latest developments in methods, supplies, environmentally safe materials and equipment for people.

The idea of establishing a project for cleaning company that identifying the customer’s needs and customizing a cleaning program to meet those needs in which you can earn and retain their confidence, is great and specifically near city centers where offices, companies and crowded apartments are spread.

Electronic Maintenance

List of Successful projects in Canada
List of Successful projects in Canada

If you are a fan of electronics such as computers and cell phones, the project of opening a maintenance center may seem good at first. You can also be active in the field of buying and selling electronics.

Event Management.

The special events industry has grown enormously in the past decade in the world in general. Such a project can be profitable because there are many occasions everywhere, such as birthday parties, weddings, success, conferences, meetings and others. These occasions require specific organizations and logistics.

According to Goldblatt’s research, profits in this industry continue to rise.

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Transportation Company

Transportation is a non-separable part of any society and one of the successful projects in Canada. Due to the continuous improvement of infrastructure, and hence increasing transportation needs, civil engineers need to have a practical understanding of transportation engineering.

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The transportation of goods between provinces and cities is at the top of list of Successful projects in Canada.

List of Successful projects in Canada
List of Successful projects in Canada

Website Software company

One of the best projects and noticed in Canada is establishing an office for the design and programming of websites. It is also one of the most profitable activities in terms of financial compensation in Canada.

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In Programming Languages, you need trained staffs and specialists in marketing and specify the target market.

List of Successful projects in Canada
List of Successful projects in Canada

What is required to invest in Canada?

There are many people try to travel to Canada through investment. They always ask questions like:
How can I immigrate to Canada as an immigrant investor?
Is there an investment-based immigration program in Canada?

For getting answers, it is important to know that in 1986 Canada became the very first country to offer a residency program through approved immigration investments. you can find several programs for investors’ immigration, including the Quebec Investor Program.

For investors and business entrepreneurs, Canada offers an official “investor immigration program”, which allows people from outside Canada to substantially invest in the Canadian economy and development and create new jobs and business opportunities

People to invest in Canada need to:

  1. prove your financial ability in investing in Canadian residency programs. This financial means can be provided with financial and banking documents as well as real estate documents. Most Canadian immigration programs require a financial capacity of up to $ 350,000.
  2. have a minimum net worth of $1,600,000 CAD (such money must have been legally obtained) near the farm on Carlton, Broadview and Parliament Streets.
  3. The investor must make a $800,000 CAD investment to the Government of Canada (which will be returned to the investor 5 years later, without interest
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List of Successful projects in Canada
List of Successful projects in Canada

To apply for investor immigration to Canada, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Meet the selection requirements of the Government of Quebec and the admission requirements of the Government of Canada
  • Meet the investment requirements of the Immigration Investor Programs.
  • Submit the application form along with all supporting documents.
  • Comply with all other selection requirements.

Tips and steps to consider before operating a business in Canada

  1. Planning a business
  2. Choosing a business name. Make it unique.
  3.  Registering your business with the government
  4. Getting business support and financing especially national and regional business support, including financing for immigrant and aboriginal entrepreneurs.

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