What is Family Day in Canada


There are many occasions in Canada that are celebrated by citizens in the provinces and territories of Canada. so among these occasions and in most provinces of Canada, the third Monday in February is observed as a regional statutory holiday, typically known in general as what is Family Day in canada?

What does Family Day mean for visitors?

  • Visitors in Canada may not be affected by the Family Day holiday, and it is worth noting that popular attractions in Canada will be more crowded than usual.
  • Government offices, banks and schools will be closed on this day.
  • Public transportation will operate on holiday schedule as normal.
  • Attractions, restaurants and shops within the tourist areas will operate normally.
  • Lots of galleries, museums, cinemas and live theaters will operate normally o this day as well.

Information about Family Day

Let’s start with the answer on the following question: and than we will know the information “when was family day created?”

Family Day, which is on the third Monday of February, is observed as a regional statutory holiday in most provinces in Canada.

Alberto, British Columbia(BC), New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan celebrate Day Family as well and it is considered as a holiday.

For other reasons, three provinces celebrate Family Day as Louis Rie Day in Manitoba and as Islander Day in Prince Edward Island.

what Family Day in Canada
what Family Day in Canada

Family Day in Alberta

Helen Hunley; the lieutenant Governor of Albert announced officially Family Day as a holiday on the advice of her premier.

The premier faced considerable criticism at that time. The objection was that an additional statutory holiday was an unnecessary financial burden.

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Family Day in Saskatchewan

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  • In 2006, and specifically in October, Prime Minister Lorne Calvert proposed the start of the province’s holiday from 2007.
  • It is worth mentioning that the Labor Standards Amendment Act document was introduced in the legislature in 2006 besides obtaining a royal approval on the 6th of December.

Family Day in New Brunswick

  • In 2010, specifically on the 5th of September, there was a campaign related to the re-election.
  • The prime minister promised the province to establish a family day in case his Liberal party was brought back into government, but that person did not win the election at the time.
  • In 2014, the liberals won the re-election, and that was in September of the mentioned year. In February of 2016, the liberal government began studying the implementation of the Family Day.
  • On the 26th of April in 2017, Prime Minister Brian Gallant announced that New Brunswick to implement a family day.

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Information about Family Day in Canada

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