Transport Companies In Canada


Transport companies in Canada are so many. Thus, shipping prices from and to Canada became so competitive among companies.

In this article, we are going to mention these companies with a brief about each of them.

A List of Transport Companies in Canada

As we said, shipping companies are multiple in Canada,  and they provide competitive prices for transportation from Canada to Turkey, Egypt, UAE or other countries.

Transport companies in Canada
Transport companies in Canada

Westcan Bulk Transport

Westcan Bulk Transport is one of the strongest shipping companies. It was established in 1964 in the south of Saskatchewan province.

It received many prizes for the safety in goods transport. And the most important thing is that the company provides job opportunities for drivers in Canada.

Transport companies in Canada – Simard

Simard company is one of the oldest shipping companies in Canada. It was established in 1943. It provides many services in goods transport and other logistic services.

Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are the three main cities in which there are many branches of Simard company.

The company has transportation services as well as container shipping.

Day & Ross Transportation Group

It is the oldest goods transport company in Canada. It was established in 1950 with only one truck designed to transport potatoes. However, as time passed, it became a huge shipping company in Canada.

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It offers jobs for about 8000 employers in different work fields and it always offers new job opportunities for drivers and many other logistic services.

Transport companies in Canada – Purolator

It is located in Mississauga and it was established in 1967. And what characterizes it is customer support policy and shipping services through its official website.

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Normandin Transit

Normandin Transit is considered a modern company in comparison with the ones mentioned above, though it was established in 1988.

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This company, which is located in Quebec, has a huge fleet of vehicles and trailers to serve transportation.

And as a client, you can fill in your data and ask about the shipping price in or out Canada.

Groupe Robert

Groupe Robert is also an old shipping company, established in 1946 in Quebec. It has a special employ ability portal in Montreal and Toronto.

Transport companies in Canada
Transport companies in Canada

Siemens Transportation Group

It is is one of the most famous companies in Canada . Siemens Group is owned by a family in Canada for 60 years and it’s a national company.

Penner International

It is considered the oldest shipping companies in Canada. It was established in 1023.

In fact, it provides national and international services and has a big group of vehicles and trailers, 400 tractors and 705 trailers.

Transport companies in Canada – Hyndman Transport

Hyndman Transport is a company associated with Celadon Group. It serves Canada and the US and It is located in Ontario. The date of its establishment is 1972.

Western Canada Express

Western Canada Express is an ancient company that dates back to 1994. It has myriad centers in Canada.

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Finally, transport companies in Canada are the best way to get your needs. And whenever you want anything, you can immediately receive price offers and comparisons between companies.

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You can also know the delivery time from home. And of course they will do their best to reduce costs.