Natural Resources In Canada


Natural Resources In Canada are one of the most important income resources to the country.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is the manager of these resources. The ministry was established in 1995. It makes projects and manages them.

Canada’s most important natural resources

In Canada, there are many natural resources in which the Canadian economy depends greatly on it. Here are some of them:

Natural Resources In Canada – Petroleum

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world to produce and export oil. It is also the third largest country in oil reserves in the world, producing about 6,880,000 tons of oil every year.

That’s why Canada is one of the largest competitors and producers of petroleum in the world. And Canada’s economy depends remarkably on it.

Actually, this happened after building the first petroleum well in Canada by James Williams in 1858.

And due to a statistic dates back to 2015, Alberta is the most oil producing province in Canada, and it owns nearly 80% of the oil production. There is also oil in other Canadian provinces such as Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan.

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Natural Resources In Canada – Coal

Canada is the fifth country in the world in coal production, and generally, coal industry plays a big role in improving the economy of it.

It is also a good opportunity to hire people and offer them jobs, as nearly 42,000 people work in the coal industry in Canada, according to the 2010 statistics.

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Coal exists in many Canadian provinces. But, the most important is the Western Canada, British Columbia and Alberta.

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Natural Resources In Canada

Natural Resources In Canada – Iron Ore

It is one of the oldest resources which was discovered a long time ago, so mining is one of the most important industries in Canada.

In fact, Canada was the eighth in the world in Iron production in 2016, and Canada’s Iron reserves are the seventh largest in the world which is about 6,000,000,000 tons. So basically, Canada’s Iron production is 2.1% of the world’s Iron production.

Iron is found in Quebec and Newfoundland. And Canada exports iron to many countries especially Germany and the United States.

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Natural Resources In Canada
Iron Ore

Natural Resources In Canada – Potash

Potash is one of the fewest found minerals in the world. And Canada is the first country to produce it. Actually, Potash production in Canada represents 29% of the total potash production in the world. Thus, Canada exports potash to many countries.

People Also Ask About

What are Canada’s top natural resources?

  • Oil in Canada.
  • Natural Gas in Canada.
  • Potash in Canada.
  • Uranium in Canada.
  • Iron Ore in Canada.
  • Coal in Canada.
  • Water in Canada.

What is Canada’s 1 natural resource?

Canada ranks 1 in petroleum.

Why are natural resources important to Canada?

To improve the national economy. additionally resource industries play a big role in offering jobs, growth and prosperity for Canadians.

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In conclusion, Canada is a very rich country and we had to talk about its natural resources and their impact on the economic situation to the country.

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