What Is The Legal Age In Canada


The legal age in Canada varies from other countries, as every country has an age for people to be considered as adults. And surprisingly, this age in Canada differ from a province to another.

The legal age makes you able to do whatever you want without asking your parents. But, in the Canadian law, people who reaches the age of majority (16-19 year) starts to live an independent life away from their parents. A new house, a work, and they even can start taking their own religion if they want.

The legal age in different provinces in Canada

As we mentioned before, the legal age in Canada varies from a province to another due to many things. For example:

  • Alberta, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan: the legal age is 18 years.
  • In the other hand, District of Columbia, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Pucon Territory: the legal age is 19 years.

In fact,the age of majority in Canada is where you can enter the adults world as you’re allowed to do many new things. Such as, having a driving license, taking your own religion, or even deciding about your sexual life.

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Canada has set many rules and laws about the legal age. As a result, there is a specific age for business works, sexual activity, and even an age of choosing the appropriate school…

Add to that, Canada has dealt with the majority age as a new beginning for individuals to be all-free in choosing whatever they want in life.

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The legal age in Canada

Legal drinking age in Canada

The Canadian government has determined the legal age of drinking. As a result, the children are not allowed to drink any kind of alcohols. So, every province and city has decided its age.

The city of Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba sets the legal drinking age at 18. For other cities like British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and the Northwest Territories, the legal drinking age is 19.

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The Legal working age

Canada has set some rules for working age. For example:

  • It’s allowed for 12-year-old child to work. But, this mustn’t be done without a full approval from the parents or guardian of the child.
  • As for 15-year-old child, he’s allowed to work with no need for the approval.

But the most important thing, and according to the Labor Law, a child cannot receive the minimum wage unless he reaches the legal age of 18/19, according to each city.

Criminal liability in Canada

Criminal responsibility in Canada begins at the age of 12.

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Actually, a person at the age of 17 can be judged as an adult. This is according to the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The legal age of consent in Canada

For Canada, an individual can start his sexual life upon reaching the age of 16, with the consent of the partner.

Finally, this was a brief about the majority age in Canada. So, do you think these rules in Canada are good for the community? Tell us in the comments.