Is studying in Canada Hard?


Studying in Canada is a dream for most of the students after high school. But, many of them wonder whether studying in Canada is difficult or easy. This is mainly because Canada is considered among the top countries that take care of education and study, and it offers many scholarships to students.

In 2011, the number of students in Canada was about 1.8 million students at 97 universities with different disciplines. The Ministry of Colleges and Universities in Canada offered 190.000 places for students of different nationalities in general. It also always offers opportunities to study MA and PHD.

However, there are specific conditions to accept students, whether they have high school certificate, bachelor, MA, or PHD certificates. So, in this essay, we are going to answer all the questions that may occur to your mind, and answer the main question: is studying in Canada hard?

The Conditions of Studying in Canada

As an answer to the questioning, we are going to share with you the required conditions to study in Canada. And it is important to know these conditions to increase the possibility of being accepted to study in Canada:

  • The ability to speak English and French fluently.
  • To get high school certificate to apply to bachelor degree.
  • The high school degree should be more than 75%.
  • To pass IELTS test with a good degree.

Enrolling in MA and PHD in Canada

The condition to apply to high studies in Canada is to have a good plan to continue studying in Canada. 

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Its is also very important to have a good grade in IELTS test which is specialized in English.

The Features of studying in Canada

  • Studying in Canada is cheap.
  • It offers opportunities to study many scientific fields.
  • It is easy and simple.
  • It allows you to have a job opportunity after graduation.

The steps of registering at Canada University

لوحة اعلانية

You can easily register at Canada university online at home, by following these steps:

  1. Choose the university specialization that you would like to study.
  2. Choose the provinces where you want to study.
  3. Choose the universities in the province, and then choose the universities of your specialization.
  4. Search for the official site of the university that you have chosen.
  5. Log In to the university site and download your data.
  6. Choose the registration portal of new students.
  7. Choose your specialization accurately.
  8. Enter your data to form a profile.
  9. Fulfill an application file to study at the university.
  10. Upload your data on the site.
  11. Wait for their reply.

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The Required Documents

When you receive the reply that you are accepted to study at university, you can start prepare documents to travel:

لوحة اعلانية
  • A copy of valid passport.
  • Copies of your education certificates.
  • A copy of your degrees at school, MA or bachelor.
  • The English certificates that you have (IELTS or TOEFl).
  • A statement of the purpose of study.
  • Training certificates if you have.

The Cost of studying in Canada

Studying in Canada is not free because it offers opportunities to study in respected universities. It also focuses on the quality of study and education. However, the cost of study is lower than other countries.

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Finally, we answered the question mentioned at the beginning of the article. Hope it helped you.