5 Best Arabic Gold Shops in Canada


Like any other foreign communities in Canada, the Arabic communities led many economic activities, such as the opening of Arabic gold shops which are widespread in many provinces.

When preparing this article, Mar7ba Canada discovered that there are many Arabic gold shops in Canada which are famous for offering products that represent the Arabic culture.

 A list of Arabic gold shops in Canada

Arabic Gold Shops in Canada are so many, and they are spread over Canada such as Damascus jewelry, Dubai jewelry and Bella jewelry. So, we are going to mention the most 5 popular gold shops in Canada:

Dubai Jewelry in Brampton – Arabic Gold Shops

It is one of the most popular Arabic gold shops in Canada Which is located in Brampton, Ontario. The store is characterized by the variety of women, men and children’s products.

In addition, there is a special section of silver in which there are 22, 21 and 14 gold karats.

You can view the latest models of Dubai Jewelery in Canada by clicking here.

Arabic Gold Shops in Canada
Dubai Jewelry in Brampton

Damascus Jewelry shop in Ottawa

Damascus Jewelry shop is located in Ottawa and it is different from the other gold shops in the process of gold smithery and carving names on gold, depending on the client’s desire. Actually, most of their products are name-shaped.

However, if you have a piece of gold that needs to be fixed, Damascus jewelry is your best choice.

Al-Najaf Jewelry Shop in Montreal – Arabic Gold Shops

With modern designs and others related to countries like Pakistan and India, Al-Najaf gold store offers many services related to buying and selling gold.

لوحة اعلانية

And according to the official social platform of this store, it also offers 22 and 21 gold karat. Lastly, you can find many new models on their Instagram page.

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Alia jewelry shop in Laval – Arabic Gold Shops

It is one of the Arabic gold shops that we found in our searching journey in Canada. It is located in Laval, Quebec and it offers 18 and 21 gold karats. Moreover, you can also find silver jewelry like silver rings and other silver products according to the client’s order.

You can also surf the latest Alia Jewellery products in Laval by clicking here.

Arabic Gold Shops in Canada

Bella Jewelry Shop in London

لوحة اعلانية

It is a well-known jewelry shop in London and it posts the latest jewelry models on the official pages of the store on social media.

You can see Bella Jewelry on Facebook by clicking here, or on Instagram by clicking here.

The average price of gold in Canada

Some people are wondering about the price of a gram of gold today, is it fixed or changeable?

To answer this question, we are going to show the approximate prices of gold in Canada.

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It should be noted that these prices are back to the date 27/10/2022 as follows:

Canadian Dollar priceGold weight
42.37 CAD14 carats gram
54.45 CAD21 carats gram
63.53 CAD22 carats gram
72.62 CAD24 carats gram
2,258.53 CADAn ounce

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And because the dollar prices in Canada are stable, the changing in the previous prices is not remarkable to be more than 1%.