Squid Game’s popularity


Why is Squid Game so popular? Is Squid Game still popular now? Is Squid Game most popular ever? when did squid game come out? and who is squid game number 1 actor?

Before we talk about the Squid Game’s popularity, we will introduce you to some information about it. In a survival game, 456 people who are in debt get sucked into a trap. Those who win the game receive $45.6 billion Korean. However, it is more than a survival program.

Its popularity comes from many reasons you might not know. Squid Game is breaking viewership records. That plays an essential role in its popularity is that it is a series without a single existing concept.

Squid Game’s popularity also comes from its accessibility.
Despite being filmed in Korean, Netflix provides subtitles in 37 languages.

An important reason for the popularity of this series is its brilliant and unique storyline. Although this show doesn’t follow a new genre, it explores new elements.

The Squid Game starts with real people participating. Rather than the animated heroes in violent video games, 456 real people congregate at times in Squid Game.

Squid Game shows that it is hard for a person to be noble. Especially if one lives in a society governed by money and competition.

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Squid Game's popularity
Squid Game’s popularity

Why can’t we stop watching squid game?

People hear about it, people talk about it,

people love it, and there’s a very social aspect to that,

which does help grow

the show outside of what we do,”

Netflix’s global TV head, Bela Bajaria, told Vulture

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The Main Characters and Their names in Squid Game

  1. Lee Jungjae was Seong Gihun (456)
  2. Park Haesoo was Cho Sangwoo (218)
  3. Wi Hajoon was Hwang Junho
  4. Jung Hoyeon was Kang Saebyeok (067)
  5. O Yeongsu was Oh Ilnam (001)
  6. Heo Sungtae was Jang Deoksu (101)
  7. Anupam Tripathi was Ali Abdul (199)
  8. Kim Jooryoung was Han Minyeo (212)
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