Why is the Maple Leaf a symbol of Canada?


In this article, you will know why is the Maple Leaf a symbol of Canada?
This famous leaf has a special place inside the Canadians hearts. It is considered among the most important national symbols.

Introduction to The Reason behind choosing The Maple Leaf as a symbol of Canada

Many questions were proposed about the Maple Leaf:

  • Why did they choose the Maple Leaf for the Canadian flag?
  • Where does the Maple Leaf come from?
  • What is the maple tree’s significance in Canada?
  • what is the spiritual meaning of maple leaf?
Why is the maple leaf a symbol of Canada
Why is the maple leaf a symbol of Canada
  • Canada is characterized by having the Maple trees within its territory in a large amount.
  • Canadian citizens are accustomed to the Maple tree. It has been associated with their life, customs and tradition.
  • The fruits of the tree are quite ripe. They are the source of mutual tasting syrup among people in friendly sessions.
  • It is also important to know that it was not restricted to Canada. But also, it passed the borders and became knows and wanted by various countries of the world.
  • It should be noted that those reasons are not the only ones that gave this leaf its fame. There is a historical extension of its existence in Canada

Details about choosing the Maple leaf as Canada’s emblem

  • This tree has been inhabited since ancient times in Canada, specifically Quebec City and Ontario, and thus made it symbolic.
  • However, the maple leaf was not the only nominated to become a symbol of Canada. But there was the beaver. The beaver is an animal represents the symbol of hard work and the trade in beaver pelts.
  • Finally, the maple did largely sweep the beaver aside because of many reasons:
    – the benefits of its leaves
    – the great popularity with Canadians
    -the beautiful taste of its syrup.

Historical Information about the Maple Leaf Emblem

There is not any documentation that the maple leaf was considered as a symbol of Canada before the early century.

At first, the maple leaf appeared in 1834, when the Canadian Language and Cultural Association took it as its motto.

Le Canadien added a maple leaf collar to its front page. The newspaper mentioned it as an emblem of Canada in 1848.

Canadian coins also feature maple leaf engravings starting in 1850s.

The leaf appeared on the insignia of the Foot Regiment No (100) in 1860. And it appeared in the decorations of the arrival of Prince of Wales to Canada.

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This leaf was also mentioned in music and Canadian songs as well. That was obvious in the patriotic song, Maple Leaf Forever in 1867. All songs that contained the maple leaf into the lyrics became popular with the masses of Canada.

Why is the maple leaf a symbol of Canada
Why is the maple leaf a symbol of Canada

It was used on the shields of coats of arms. That leaf was granted by Queen Victoria to people in both Quebec and Ontario in 1868.

In 1870, the Governor- General’s flag was officially adopted, marked with a wreath of maple leaves. These leaves appeared as a badge on the helmets of Canadian soldiers fighting for Britain in the Boar War.

Canadian military units also wore maple leaf insignia during World War I. In 1961, Queen Elizabeth II approved the special Canadian flag. It was designed in the pattern of the Canadian coat of arms marked with maple leaves.

In 1965, the maple leaf centered the national flag which was first hoisted in 1965.

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For more information about Canada’s flag, you can watch the following video:

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