Most Popular Gold Shops in Canada


There are thousands of gold shops in Canada. However, the most popular ones are nowadays well-known among people who are interested in buying and selling gold. 

Through these stores, we can know gold prices in Canada today. In addition, you can sell or buy gold.

In this article, we are going to share the names of the most popular shops in Canada, hoping that you have a good experience if you visit one of these stores.

A List of the Most Popular Gold Shops in Canada

we have collected the names of jewelry stores that are most common in Canada. Their products are so fashionable and well-made as follows:

Mejuri jewelry store

You can find a big group of necklaces and bracelets available in the electronic website of Mejuri store. It has multiple branches in many countries like the USA, Toronto and Vancouver.

Edward & Davies Jewelers Store

This store is one of the oldest and most popular gold shops in Toronto. It dates back to 1945.

What makes it flourish is the fact that it offers a very well-made jewelry. And if you are looking for a jewelry store to buy a wedding or an engagement ring, this store would be the best choice for you, because it offers many rings suitable for different occasions.

FTJCO Store – Gold Shops in Canada

It is considered a very popular gold shop in Canada. It offers beautiful and high-quality products. This can be noticed in the different shapes and models in the store.

On their Instagram page, you can see their precious jewelry and buy them online.

لوحة اعلانية

Karat Gold Store – Gold Shops in Canada

It is also a popular gold shop in Canada, especially in London. It contains various rings and necklaces designed according to modern and attractive standards.

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You can order any product through the Internet, and it can be delivered to your home. They show their products on an electronic website.

Bijoux Medusa Store

لوحة اعلانية

It is classified as one of the most popular gold shops in Canada, especially in Quebec. It offers diamond-studded watches and stunning gold and diamond jewelry.

This store is specialized in making jewelry according to the client’s order. It is a great choice to buy gold in Canada.

How Do I Know Gold Price in Canada

After we had a look on the most popular gold shops in Canada, some people may wonder about the way we can know the gold prices in Canada.

It may seem simple to some people and difficult for others, especially when looking for the accurate price of gold in Canada. But, we can know the price of a gram of gold through many electronic websites.

So, we recommend these sites to you “Click here” or “Click here

Moreover, you can visit any gold store near your home. Add to that, it is completely simple to know the price of gold in comparison to the Canadian dollar.

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Finally, after reading the list above, we want your opinion about the best gold shop for you and why you prefer it. So, tell us in the comments section.

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