Healthcare in Canada


Healthcare in Canada is one of the most important things that every one seeks, whether they are natives or expatriates. So, let’s know more about the Canadian healthcare system.

Healthcare in Canada

The public healthcare system in Canada, named as “Medicare”, is funded by taxes that cover the expenses of medical care such as visiting hospitals or doctors.

In general, the Canadian healthcare does not include prescriptions, dentistry and ophthalmology.

The healthcare program is available for specific people in society such as: the civilians, the workers and some refugees. In addition, all the Canadian provinces has their own separated healthcare systems.

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Canadian healthcare systems

In fact, there is no central healthcare system in Canada. Each province or district has its own separated systems.

Furthermore, the provinces are required to cover the expenses of the necessary medicines. However, these expenses are different from one province to another.

In some regions, people wait for so long to get the healthcare in public hospitals. There are also many requirements to register in the Canadian healthcare.

Although the registration conditions and requirements differ from one region to another, anyone who is prevented from temporary registration in “Medicare” can have the ability to buy a private insurance until getting a public one.

Healthcare in Canada

work mechanism of the healthcare system in Canada

In 1984, the law of health in Canada has set the standards that are still controlling the health condition in Canada nowadays.

لوحة اعلانية
  • Public administration: it is based on an unprofitable principle.
  • Inclusive: the healthcare plans should take into consideration the whole health services (but as we mentioned above this may change from one province to another).
  • International: it is very essential to have a principle that can be applied to all people living in Canada.
  • Transportation: it is important to facilitate transportation for the Canadian habitats, but with restrictions on the Canadian living abroad.
  • Accessibility: health services should be accessible without financial restrains and other obstacles.
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How to get healthcare in Canada

We need to know the first step to get Canadian healthcare. Which is realizing whether you can subscribe in “Medicare” program or not.

In case you are illegible, this only needs following some practical steps to register in your country or province.

Moreover, you need to be aware that this program will not cover the expenses of all healthcare services in order to make sure that you can get medical or dental care.

لوحة اعلانية

You may need to have a private insurance either by yourself or through the help of your boss at job.

People who are not illegible to register in “Medicare” program, should have a private health insurance to get Canadian healthcare.

There are many international new health caring plans that offer many services in Canada, and this includes traveling abroad as well.

Healthcare in Canada
Is healthcare free in Canada?

Yes, it is free for public insurance because the Canadian healthcare system is managed by the federal government and it is carried out by the state.
You can visit the medical centers and use your medical card or you can visit the doctors at their clinics as well.

Are there private hospitals in Canada?

Yes, there are 193 private hospitals.